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2017 The Bar – Pieces of the Past

Easily the most complete attempt at American history in trading card format. Featuring historic Americans from the dawn of the country to today.
With lots of unique inserts and high quality base cards, 2017 The Bar Pieces of the Past is a celebration of the United States of America.

  • Base Set (200 cards) – checklist
  • Short-Printed Base Cards (10 cards) – checklist
  • Stamp Cards featuring vintage American postage stamps – checklist
  • Pieces of the Past Relic cards featuring relics from documents signed by American icons – checklist
  • Autograph cut cards from American historical figures – all cards are 1/1s
  • Etched metal cards featuring signed of the Declaration of Independence – checklist
  • Precious parallels featuring 1/1 cards with an embedded diamond, gold bar or silver bar – checklist
  • Canvas propaganda posters – checklist
  • Coin cards
  • Documents of Our Past inserts