Pieces of the Past Volume Two

Our newest release, and a perfect continuation to Pieces of the Past Inaugural Edition.

  • Continued base set series
  • New relic cards (including Benjamin Franklin)
  • New 1/1 autograph cuts
  • New inserts


Pieces of the Past Inaugural

Our ground-breaking first release. 100% focused on America’s rich and diverse history.

  • 200 base cards
  • Documents of the Past relic cards
  • Stamps of Our Past relic cards
  • Etched metal Signers of the Declaration
  • Posters from Our Past
  • 1/1 autograph cuts
  • 1/1 and Limited Edition foiled cards


Why we do what we do

As collectors and fellow hobbyists, we grew up loving the trading card and collectibles hobby. From the smell of the gum in the first pack we opened, to the rush of that first memorabilia card…we’re collectors, just like you.

After releasing our revolutionary “The Bar” autograph cut cards in some of our Super Break products, the hobby showed us that we were on to something. People seemed to enjoy our original content so we decided to create new original content sets – with the first being 2017 The Bar Pieces of the Past.

We have other exciting original content releases in the works including more historical and licensed entertainment lines.

Own a Piece of History...

Introducing our very own monthly subscription box

  • Vintage newspaper relevant to subjects
  • Authenticated historical documents
  •  Actual pennant relics
  • Hits include: actual autographs, 100% real gold & silver pieces, and various other relics